Shakespeare’s Lost Women

About the play

Written by Greg Mosse and John Gleadall, Shakespeare’s Lost Women charmingly tells the stories of some of the Bard’s forgotten female characters through song and dialogue. Shakespearean actress Deirdre Compton has made a career playing victims and luscious milk maids, fools and clowns. 

Her mother, on the other hand, manages to land the roles of Desdemona, Titania and Lady Macbeth, and it is safe to say that Deidre and her mother do not get on!
With words by well-known local writer Greg Mosse and onstage music by John Gleadall, Shakespeare’s Lost Women is performed by the wonderful Harriet Benson, who returns to the festival for her fourth Season.

“Harriet Benson brings West End experience to the role of the delightful Deirdre Compton in a lovely, all-encompassing performance, which includes marvellous music hall style numbers.” The Petersfield Post 


Movement Director
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Technical Director


Harriet Benson
John Gleadall
Jake Smith
Chris Cuming
Amanda Kerstein
Jessica Marsh
William Glancy

Clare Glancy & Lucy Hollis


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